Crop rotation

At the end of the Cultivation, Veldhoven Loonwerk is an efficient partner to clear out your greenhouse. We think along with you about the best and fastest solution. Veldhoven Loonwerk arranges the complete cultivation change for you!

Complete crop rotation


With our new machines, crop shredding takes little time. With the latest machines, we have an average capacity of between 9,000 and 15,000m2 per hour. This all depends on how the crop lies on the cloths. Veldhoven Contracting has 3 large shredding machines and 6 smaller machines, so we can serve every customer. We specialize in shredding Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant, Cucumber and Zucchini crops.


We also specialize in clearing rockwool slabs. We have 7 clearance machines. Three large machines with a conveyor belt, two small machines with a conveyor belt and two with an auger. The capacity of our large machine averages between 10,000 and 15,000 m2 per hour. This depends a lot on how dry the rockwool slabs are. With these machines, we can also completely turn out your crop or the old running film.



For cleaning the inside of the greenhouse deck, van Veldhoven uses the semi-automatic Aquajet. The greenhouse deck is injected with a cleaning agent and then automatically sprayed off with high water pressure. The aquajet rolls over the pipe rail system and can be adjusted to any size. A huge advantage of this machine is that the top is cleaned automatically, but the side walls are manually sprayed in and off.
We are also equipped with manual carts.

Ook beschikken wij over handmatige karren.


When your greenhouse is completely clean again, the greenhouse can be disinfected to combat viruses and bacteria. We have developed our own machine with a top support system. It rides over the pipe rail system to the back so that everything is well covered. With this machine, we spray an average of 2,000 litres of liquid per acre and both the base and top are soaked. We also own the Turbofog.


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